Inspira Ltd             .

Municipality Finance’s subsidiary Financial Advisory Services Inspira Ltd offers highly qualified and independent advisory services in various areas of finance. Municipality Finance Plc is a credit institution owned by the local government sector. Municipality Finance has the highest possible rating for long term funding, i.e. AAA from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. The company’s funding which is guaranteed by the Municipal Guarantee Board is obtained from international capital markets and domestic investors.

Our clients consist of the public sector and companies offering their services to the public sector. Clients include central government units, municipalities and companies owned by municipalities as well as private companies working with the public sector. We offer partnership based advisory services for finding the right financial solutions for its customers. We carry out financial restructuring as well as mergers and acquisitions for its clients and acts as a financial advisor in various investment projects.

Our mission is to help its clients optimize their use of capital and arrange quality public sector services. Our primary objective is to facilitate the provision of services and the carrying out of investments in a more cost-effective manner, with higher quality and on fast schedule.